Geli (tschilai) wrote,

FedCon XVII (1): And so it begins...

I'm feeling all bloggy at the moment so for the first time in a mere 12 years I'll actually do a con report. (Hi ahlaea, don't you dare and leave!)

We're talking FedCon XVII by the way, for those of you who don't happen to know anyway. Right now I am on the train back to Berlin. I'll be posting this as soon as I am back to the civilized world and can go online again.

So, who was there anyway? Just take a look here, and strike Richard Hatch and Mark Sheppard as they weren't able to make it.

Just as last year we, that is Batch and me, were staying with a friend of ours. Again, I can't thank you enough for this, Ateffy (most nicks used are from I just wouldn't have been able to afford this year's con without it. Also, this helps a lot when trying to decide when to come to and leave Bonn again. We arrived on Thursday and went to the Maritim to meet our fellow early arrivers.

When I was taking a stroll through the lobby, I spotted a woman just checking in and thought 'wow, she looks exactly like Marina Sirtis [pause, just imagine my brain working, I know it's hard to do, but please do try] Waitaminit, is Marina on this year's guest list? Oh yeah, so this is Marina.' Just goes to show you how much my interest in ST has faded over the years - I didn't even remember who was on the guest list. I still loved seeing Marina, Brent and LeVar again, but nowadays it's more like a little trip down the lane of very fond memories - sweet and enjoyable, but not actually exciting or very memorable. Which is just a talky way of saying there won't be much of them in here. Do expect some treats concerning BSG, B5 and general fan madness though.

Note: I'm doing this to the best of my memory, i.e. it will be totally inaccurate ;) Nah, it should be pretty close since it's still so very fresh in my mind, but most of the "quotes" given won't be actual quotes but very close paraphrases. Just so you know.

Also, I spent a lot of time typing on the train, hoping to finish this before I am off to hospital tomorrow. Well, I am close to finishing Friday.... so, expect having to wait a little longer.
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