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11 October 2007 @ 04:57 pm
I came across the Brokeback Mountain spoof trailers when reading Wikipedia's article on Internet phenomena. I seem to remember a whole list, too, but apparently it's gone. Just go do some googling or head for YouTube right away - there are lots of them. Be it Back to the Future, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Star Trek - you name it. If it has fans, it more than likely has one or more of these parodies, too.

So, naturally, I looked for one doing B5. There was none. Now there is:

Why? - I think I've covered that already. If you want something done right, do it yourself.

Do I have a favorite part? - Lots. I was giggling quite frequently during vidding.

Any new challenges in vidding? - Lots. This is the first time I've used not only pictures but dialog. Imagine having thought of a perfect scene to use, just to find it ruined by music setting in... I also took my first tiny steps using After Effects to animate the text. Couldn't get it to fade in from the right though, I'm still peeved by this. Last and pretty much least, I had to cut the music, too.

That's the last of my vids so far. I'm not about to run out of ideas, I'll be running out of hands first...

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