May 29th, 2008

BSG (4): Sine Qua Non

Be aware, there are spoilers for Sine Qua Non ahead. Little something I just found instead of a spoiler space:

Bill's "because I can't live without her" just totally broke my heart. Yes, it's romantic, shippery, not to mention totally cute. (Only, next time, would you consider telling her before you tell your son? Just a crazy thought...) Yeah, I know, he is going to find her. But that doesn't sound like he's dealing with that unsignificant frakking little tidbit that she is dying, like, at all.... Oh my, this is going to be hard *sniff*

One more thing, what the frak's up with Zarek? "She wasn't elected... yadda yadda yadda..." That's right, buddy, she wasn't. And who exactly made her president after New Caprica again? That's right again, it was you. So how come you're playing the FascistsЯThem card again all off a sudden?