December 23rd, 2008

Sitrep (7)

I'm home for Christmas. And I am determined to enjoy every minute of it.

Contrary to what my second to last entry said, my new job wasn't actually ahead but pretty much upon me. The day after I made that entry I got a call: "Um, could you get to work sooner. There's this thing we need to get done..." - "Sure, how about tomorrow?" - "Really?! That would be just great!" So, I turned up, got shown around a bit and then sent right to work. And pulled 45 hours in 7.5 days. Which, for someone who hasn't been working for quite a while and also tends to need eight to ten hours sleep a night, turned out to be quite a change... Even though that work almost got obliterated within a few minutes, everything turned out well in the end. We'll get to see whether we did good enough some time in February or March. And, just now, I've discovered I have been paid already. Which is a very good thing indeed as I've already spent some of that money during Christmas shopping.

Now, what else to do with my newly discovered riches?

I have finally ordered my ticket for next year's FedCon. Everything's gonna be OK, I get to be there :D

Also, I'm currently weighing my need for a new notebook against my need to go on vacation. It's really not so much the 'not working' part that makes the latter for me, but the going somewhere part. And I haven't had that in more than two years. Which, for me, is breathtakingly long. So, I'm kinda in favor of just tormenting my current notebook some more and go to Corsica to do the GR 20 first. It's supposed to be the most beautiful long range hiking trail in Europe. Appearantly, since the last time I was considering this, the situation concerning provisions on the way has much improved. If you avoid the main season - which you should do anyway because of the heat - it's also quite feasible to not take a tent. Also, the trail is perfectly waymarked - given my less than stellar sense of orientation that's quite important. As there are quite a few people there at any given time (in context of mountain trails, that is) I was actually thinking of just doing this one on my own. Turns out my mother would like to go with me. Which would be really nice. Anyway, I've already bought a guide, we'll work that one through during the holidays and then we'll see. If it's a go - whether with or without my mom - I'll have to do some training till June.

Last but not least, happy holidays to everyone. Or just happy days, if you're not the Christmas type :)

Eureka (9): WhatTheFont?!

I just did some fiddling in Photoshop to make a gift coupon for Christmas. (It's not as lame as it sounds. In fact, I think it's pretty darn cool. But, thanks to Murphy, if I spill, this is going to be the one time the receiver is going to read this blog. Ergo, spilling has been suspended until further notice.)

Anyway, I wanted to match a given font, so I needed to identify it first. I already knew there was a site that asked you questions about a font and then tried to find out which one it was: 
Identifont. However, while looking for it, I found another one. And this one lets you load up an image and then identifies the font: WhatTheFont?!. No guarantee as to the reliability, but the one I tried worked like a charm. Sweet.