Geli (tschilai) wrote,

The One That Just Had To Go Without A Clever Title

I trust you all remember Brokeback Babylon?

Last FedCon, almost a year ago, it was played before Peter Jurasik (Londo that is, I've been told there are people who only know the characters' names *g*) got on stage for his panel. Which made him comment on it. Thanks to
Starstuff I now can give you (and me, for that matter) the exact quote instead of my somewhat incoherent summary:

"There are many, many reasons why I wish Andreas Katsulas was alive, but that is one of them. He would love that, that’s so funny. I’ve seen that before, it’s great, isn’t it? Brokeback Babylon. I wish he was here."

Now, just so you know, I dig any and all feedback I'm getting. The audience you get is one of the things that are so great about the internet. Also, applause (not to mention laughter) from a live audience is quite nice, too. But feedback like that from someone I made something about? And not just anyone, but Jurasik? Saying that Katsulas, of all people, would have liked it? Doesn't get better than that.

Thanks again to trulla and robse (and whoever else may have been there without me knowing) for screaming in time to stop Marc from forgetting about it!

Tags: b5, conventions, moments, vids

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