Geli (tschilai) wrote,

QuotesЯUs (11): Dragon Age

Dialogue from the game I am currently playing. No spoilers. You'll only ever get the exchange if you use pretty much the same party I do, so no reason to avoid.

Upon entering a new, slightly strange room:

Alistair (Tank): Hey, you see those thingies over there on the side of that huge chasm? I bet they're used for something. Maybe I should touch them, or stand on them?

Leliana (Rogue): Alistair, normal people tend to avoid strange looking sections of floor 'thingies', as you say. They tend to be traps...

Delivered perfectly. Anyone considering playing the game - do yourself a favor and go for the English version.

And yes, I do remember the fact that I have a blog. Why dou you ask?
Tags: games, quotes
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